2016-2017 Ice Climbing Gear Kit

Lets face it, having the right gear for the day's objective can make being in a uncomfortable environment much more enjoyable.  Technology is constantly changing, gear is getting lighter, and we have more options than ever before.  Through trial and error I have dialed in my ICE CLIMBING GEAR KIT.  My goal here is to show you exactly what I use on a day of ice climbing and explain how the whole system works together.  I will also show you how I may slightly alter this system depending on our weather or objective. 

Black Diamond Co-Efficient Hoody

I love the Black Diamond Coefficient hoody. It's the versatility and fit that sets it apart from other choices in my gear bag. It shines as casual wear in town and it transitions as a must-have for a day of climbing or ski touring. We all have some clothes we seem to always grab first...well, that's the Black Diamond Coefficient hoodie for me. It is my go-to piece for a day in the mountains! Super comfortable, looks good and works with me on tough terrain!