Sterling Evolution Helix Dry 9.5 - 60m

Sterling Evolution Helix Dry 9.5 - 60m:  My favorite projecting rope!

Submitted by: Brydie Jacobus on Instagram @brightybloom

I love this rope. Its light weight and handles great. It has taken countless big falls and has still lots of stretch and no soft spots.  This is an awesome rope for sport climbing.  My husband has a slightly different opinion.  I think that because of his weight the rope stretches a little too much.  We found that if he fell on the rope we needed to rest that end of the rope for a little while to get some of the stretch back.  Multiple falls tended to make for a hard catch after a while. He weighs around 150 pounds, I weigh around 115 pounds.

We also have a crazy little dog who likes to help "get" the rope when we pull it.  This means she jumps on it and basically kneads it into the dirt.  Awesome, right?  I have thrown this rope in the washing machine countless times and its still awesome and it washed up well.

Sterling Evolution Helix Dry 9.6 - 60m

I give the Sterling Evolution Helix Dry (5/5 fist bumps) I'm not sure my husband would give it the same.  It was a little too stretchy for him.