Mammut Infinity Protect Rope - 9.5 - 70m

A Great rope for Alpine or long multi-pitch

My over all impression of the Mammut Infinity Protect: 5/5 Fist Bumps

I recently purchased the Mammut Infinity Protect 70 meter 9.5 rope to replace my 70 meter Sterling Evolution Velocity BiColor 9.8 - 70m.  My Sterling had become heavy, fat and had a few soft spots on one end.  I owned it for about 2 years and used it predominately for multi-pitch trad and multi-pitch sport climbing.  Although falls were taken on the Sterling rope, it was by no means a projecting rope.  I was a little confused by the soft spots that formed.  The rope's handling was nice at first but as with a lot  ropes it became more difficult as the diameter increased. Biggest issue:  harder to feed slack.

I bought the Mammut Infinity Protect rope before a trip to Red Rocks in Vegas.  I figured it would be good for sport climbing and multi-pitch trad.  I was right.  the rope feels amazing in your hands. It's flexible but not floppy when clipping and pulls through the Grigri easily.  The rope is really light to carry in for a day of cragging or for a long approach.  I honestly felt my arms were less fatigued when flaking, coiling and pulling up this rope compared to my old Sterling.

The Mammut Infinity Protect rope also is a really nice catch. Sport climbing catches were soft even after multiple falls and it seemed like even if I had fallen on top rope with all 70 meters of rope out the rope stretch wouldn't have dropped me 12 feet.

During this trip we also spent some time climbing in the Utah hills on super sharp limestone. The rock, where it had not been cleaned up from climbing traffic, was razor sharp (at least that's what it felt like after climbing for 8 days on.) The rope shows no sign of wear!   True, it was only a short trip with the Mammut Protect, but the Sterling Evolution looked quite worn after its maiden voyage to El Potrero Chico two years ago.

Mammut Infinity Protect Rope 9.5mm